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Looking to buy a new home? As licenced Originators through Mortgage Max we are able to do upfront credit checks and credit scoring at no cost to the client. We shop around for a mortgage bond through all the banks, ensuring that the client receives the best deal. 

subsidize your bond with Flisp

First time home buyers only! Once you have secured a home loan you will be able to access the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) subsidy.

FLISP is a government initiative to assist qualifying beneficiaries to reduce the official mortgage loan amount or augment the shortfall between the qualifying loan and the total house price.

borrower education

We educate and empower the client, as a home owner/bond holder in his/her responsibilities of financial obligations and mandatary responsibilities in owning a home.

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Frequently asked questions about applying for a home loan and F.L.I.S.P subsidy. 

Provided that you can afford the property and the monthly instalments, have a good credit record and manage your bank account in an orderly manner you do stand a good chance of approval. 

If you are under debt review it means that you are currently struggling to keep up with your current debt commitments. The National Credit Act stipulates that it would be against the law to provide you with further credit/finance before settling your existing debt.  

Only first time home buyers can benefit from this subsidy provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Monthly Gross Income from R 3 501 to R 22 000.
  • Have an approval in principle for a home loan.
  • Be a South African citizen with a valid Identity Document, or be a permanent resident with a permanent residence permit.
  • Not have qualified for a government housing subsidy before.
  • Not have owned a fixed residential property before.
  • Be married or co-habiting.
  • Be single / divorced with financial dependents.

Yes you can. Provided that you have purchased a house in the Western Cape and your house has not been registered on your name for more than 2 years.

Yes you can qualify for the FLISP subsidy provided your combined gross income does not exceed R 22 000 including your housing allowance.

We are electronically linked with the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements. Once your application is physically submitted to the D.O.H.S. it takes between 4 to 8 weeks for approval. *(These lead times have changed due to COVID19, and you can expect some delays)

No, the subsidy is paid directly into your active home loan account held at the financial institution that granted you your home loan and will lower your monthly debt installments.  

Please contact us to assist you in this matter. You must have a Bank Financed Home Loan in order to meet the criteria. You will not qualify if you have purchased the property with a personal loan or cash. However all cases are unique and we may be able to guide you and suggest that you contact us in this regard.